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Art from an early age

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

No matter when and where, and we should not forget to touch of art, especially kids. In the world of art has been too much knowledge, human ability, imagination, flexibility, ability to observe, control ability ... ... Many potential comes from art.
, Development ability
Digital painting can develop a child's art not only interest but also developing children a wide range of abilities, maps a digital painting requires:
1, grasp the brush method
2, color
3, looking for numbers and corresponding pigments
4, master color characteristics
5, of course, the most important thing is to have enough patience and perseverance
A simple, five-step, we cultivate our powers of observation, master abilities, ability, concentration, endurance, etc.
Second, the cultivation of artistic interest
Interest is need training of, digital painting makes children through play of way awareness to painting, awareness to rich changes of color, than up General of children fill color products more can show out children of painting capacity, through parents, and teacher of guide Xia draws a site fine of painting works is very easy of, dang a site fine works rendering of when, children of achievements sense, and painting enthusiasm, and art and potential on full was inspired out up.
Third, the promotion of mother and child (father and son) relationship
Draws digital painting need a more long of process, completed a Deputy simple of, and slightly of digital painting probably need 2-3 days, compared complex of and sharply surface of may need one week even more long of time, in this paragraph time in parents can and children together completed, in painting of process in the Exchange and communication, not only can is good of promotion and children of feelings and also can on children of behavior, and capacity, and psychological, aspects for guide and specification, makes children in painting process among learning to other of knowledge and established up good of habits.

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