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Digital painting quality introduction

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Digital painting is of good quality environmental quality acrylic paints, acrylic paints are water based paints, most suitable for pure cotton canvas is hand-painted on canvas. Linen canvas is suitable for oily paint well, generally suggest using linen canvas with oil paints.
Acrylic paint-toxic environmental protection (this is vital to our body, OH), strong covering ability, save time, the pursuit of perfect guys are ready to go again, apply a light oil, will enhance the shine and the stroke. Day long will not use polishes oil paintings dry scrub, beautiful and protection.
"Composition" is painting a skeleton, is a picture of the bones and structure, a pair of good writing is hard, composition plays a decisive role. "Composition" is not something independent, as a kind of artistic means, is to express the content and themes of painting services; the advantages and disadvantages of composition is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:
One, centralized
Images in paint, ink or Center must have a tendency to aggregate sense of this Centre is generally the closer to the central part of the frame, or in a prominent position next to. If there are many blocks, will have the centralized arrangement. Set not all crammed together, but connect the part, or dense part, density, and distribution.
Second, change the consolidated
A picture of a picture of the structure and style, as a piece of a song and tune each have their own content, requirements cannot, nor should it. Each picture, just like every song, its structure has many ups and downs, vertically and horizontally, opening and closing, the severity of the change, but it must be in harmony, unification and no change despite the change is not uniform, is not a good picture.
Third, the guest care
With two or more items on the screen, be sure to sort out who's who of light, to highlight some major draw, put in prominence, as a subject, put on the backburner as the rest of the foil.

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