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Digital painting simple drawing techniques

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Color transition tips:
Rub-over method
If wishes to become the border between two blocks of color and soft, natural, dry water, then dip the right amount of paint can brush gently swept straight to the edge color boundary blur blur effect occurs.

Plume over law
To set the boundaries between color blocks form a feathery effect, you can quickly drag the edge colors with a brush sweeping formed dentate to represent the particular texture of hair.

By thin-Mao
Paint diluted with water, dry lightly cover with a layer of transparent color on the picture in order to reach the effect of color through.

Added details method
Maps and then add some such as points, lines, or details that will make your images more vivid and full of vitality.

Stippling method
At the edge of color using plot ways to achieve smoke particle effect. Method for the tip on the altar full of paint and then gently with the tip of
In the colors of his dots back and forth between the edge and control the color of shape, size and density to achieve a different effect.

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