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Digital painting tips

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

In a Visual space, if you want to arrange some pictures, among them must be considered as a whole, requires the image to be the same style frame is the same model or same outer box size so people would not be scattered on the Visual.
In some room renovation process sometimes difficult to cover, such as switching plugs, wallpaper joints and other commonly used when painting can be used to subtly "fill the walls", adjust the focus of people's attention, but for the magic. If the Home Interior dominated by white, matching decorative paintings in yellow and red tones, try to choose a bright, lively colors. If the interior color is stable, such as Walnut color, you can select high-ash, on the artistic side of decorative painting.
If bedroom 15 square meters in size, select hanging painting best selected classical works, such as still life, flower, figure, because abstract painting with a tension, it appears that a small sense of squeezing, and more for larger living rooms.
Frame color integration with the environment
Home is full of color, whether it is the wall color, furniture, flooring, curtains, sofas and other colours are varied, this time frame of choice should be the main consideration is the environment display and color of the work itself. If Interior with white tone, color of the painting should not be too deep; in turn, the interior color, it would be inappropriate to select all white frame. As for the work itself, picture frames should be coordinated with the color contrast should not be too strong.
Marching as one
In same space or related joint of space, as long as sight range can cover different painting of when, home distribution painting of style, and type on should as unified, for example with for sketch, and with for painting, and or with for photography works,; while also including decorative painting of color, and painting box style,, such decorative painting by performance out of style on can each other coordination, and phase echoed.
Release the overall sense of space
In select decorative painting of when first to consider of is painting by hanging reset of wall size, to select appropriate size of decorative painting and the painting box; meanwhile also to will space of factors consider in, dang this space in the has has more of furniture or other decorations Shi, on should consider area smaller of painting, even homes to decorative painting, to space enough of left white, such only not produced oppression sense, more can highlight overall of beauty.
Select person
Not every family pursuit of decorative themes, most families only highlight the cultural atmosphere, some style with decorative painting technique is the first choice for families. For people who have some artistic accomplishment, you can choose according to its own preferences and matching decorative painting or hanging some collectible paintings can also improve taste.
Today, the spirit of the dual principle of appreciation of art and hand-painted, and bring art into people's daily lives. Digital painting techniques, art is no longer high for people to look up to, but in attitude into the lives of the people. Everyone can be based on simple lines and the corresponding digital color sketch out a beautiful picture, but once completed a painting, you can tell it was made by digital lines painted that delineation, so both men and women will feel proud for his complete works. You just need to fluff it up a beautiful picture frames, it can become attractive home decorations adorn your living space as well as quality of life, or as a great gift for a friend, fashion trends will also be present.

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