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Interior decoration painting hanging tips

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Generally speaking, the painting than other kinds of painting in the exhibition has its limitations. First is prone to reflective, in addition, the thick coating emphasizes image texture of oil painting, because of the ups and downs of dust easily. In order to achieve better visual effects and protection of images, when there should be a forward inclination of the bottom. Oil painting when confronted with a positive light, often poor light above should be used in front and hanging lights and paint as possible consistent with the source, such as painting time source on the left, suspension should be consistent with this light source.
Picture height to be adjusted according to the specific occasion of the bedroom. Hanging too low, is not conducive to protection and viewing of the picture; hung too high, causing inconvenience and make people look up, while perspective distortion caused by image, effects appreciation effect.
If you need more than hanging paintings, consideration should be given to the distance between drawing and painting, rather sparse not dense. While when taking into account distance effects, try to separate the shades close, similar to the format and not tied together, to make the wall frame has heavy, warm ups and downs and other changes.
A picture in the same size of work should pay attention to regular intervals. Frame works of varying size-and-pay attention to the bottom of the order and the tilt of the screen. If hanging a larger picture, should select view from the appropriate distance will have satisfactory results.
Oil painting into glass boxes display, good for protection screen, but it is better than without glass, the poor, no matter how the display, to avoid the Sun's reflection and strong light irradiation. Exhibitions painting room, curtain set is also very important.
Hang oil paintings to have fixed equipment, that is to be fixed to the wall of the bar line, oil painting by strong hanging rope and hang a picture hanging hook is available in painting lines. If there is no picture rail line and must be hoisted by a nail, nails should be in a frame behind. Wet areas should check whether the paintings for corrosion or mortal danger of falling.

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