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Selection of digital painting canvas

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Digital painting has sold on the market today comes with a canvas, each brand selected canvas different, usually have 3 categories:
First, hand-painted canvas
Use of advanced equipment and technology, carefully developed recipes and processes, mechanical spray produced by. Canvas high-quality chemical fiber, cotton, flax, cotton, linen, polyester cloth, canvas coat even, no particles on the surface, no bubbles, no pinholes, fabric weft, clear the grid. Film cloth firmly, coating is not stripped volumes double crepe indehiscent; paint pigment by seepage and leakage, vivid vivid color, third dimention. Long deformation, discoloration can also scratch according to special requirements. Artists create optional linseed oil on canvas, paint can be made of cotton canvas or synthetic canvas.
Second, high class quality inkjet canvas
Print and spray liquid film can embody the perfect painting effect. Supported by high precision original oil painting copy output, printing compatibility, color, image resolution is high, strong anti aging properties. Three, and waterproof class art cloth, and waterproof painting cloth, and waterproof cotton canvas, Asia light photo canvas coating surface flat, and delicate, Burkina Faso rough, article sense obviously, not infiltration not through, not deformation, not cracked, color of saturated degrees and image of analytical degrees excellent, coating formula and process applies four color offset, and screen printing, as appropriate plus strokes, is effect more better. Apply the row painting, decorative painting is widely used in wedding photo studio, indoor and outdoor advertising, flags, persons, or landscape image, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolors, and so on.

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