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Teach everyone to distinguish between brush

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Friends believe that brush has little role in digital painting products, do not think that the brush is a common pen? Writing is good or bad does not matter, have to do with people who write a lot. This painting with calligraphy or know friends very reasonable. But don't understand the painting purchased digital painting friends who are not so accurate. Painting include colour, light and shade, line, texture, brush strokes, texture, light, space, composition and many other design factors, simple lines, mechanism, strokes, texture, is directly linked with a brush.
Friends must pay attention to in selecting the brush
1, when you purchase a brush, according to the characteristics of digital painting, do not select the brush hairs are too soft, so that is not drawing beautiful strokes of the brush. Digital painting brushes be sure to choose moderate hardness.
Buy brush 2, be sure to select the brush should not be too long, because there is a certain concentration of acrylic paints, hair that is too long can cause discomfort, trend of starter brushes are difficult to control, in simple words is easy to draw out the circle, or Flash will appear.
3, from the quality point of view, select the brush to select howl or howling high quality brushes, howl or the howling of a brush coat color brown black color. This brush is suitable for drawing digital painting.
4, from the appearance point of view, select the brush Brass brush to select, the so-called brass pen with pen connecting the metal rod on the market most of the brush used is aluminium rods, this brush off deformation. Two colors white and yellow of copper tube, how to distinguish between aluminum pipe or copper tube does? Method is very simple, brass barrel surface is smooth, hard surface with a layer of electro-optic, aluminum tube surface black, even electro-optic will be uneven. Brass pen can be like a mirror, this is the easy way to differentiate pen tubes.
5, differentiated from the poles. Luxury pen brush oil more and may pen smooth rounded, lower-quality pen surfaces are rough or dull

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