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The benefits of digital painting?

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Benefits of digital painting for human right brain is to manage all the activities of people on the left side of the right brain, right brain with music, paintings, geometric, imagination, and integration capabilities. People left and right hemisphere of the brain is not a balanced development, statistics show that most people are left brain developed, only 10% people in the world are left-handed, the right brain is more developed. Varying degrees of left and right brain development, hidden secrets of your many qualities and talents: understanding mathematics and languages concentrated in the left hemisphere of the brain cells; emotional and concentrated in the right hemisphere of the brain cells of the painting.

Creative thinking is the most important contribution of the right brain. Right part of the brain does not get bogged down in analysis, but from looking at the global, leaped forward with bold speculations, intuitive conclusion could be reached, making major decisions in advance.
Digital painting is one of the best most convenient exercise balance of left and right brain

France inheritance Inheritance cultural and educational supplies for France Ministry of education made the first real digital painting products. Also established its research and development capabilities.

1. image observation, observation is the important way of understanding things, acquiring knowledge, is headed for the base of creativity. Observation is not just a look, said interest on the psychology of visual perception activities, planned. Paint without observation.
2. creation of thinking is the reflection process of reality. What we observed, after analysis, the summary found that the internal relations of things, Johns Hopkins law of master development and inventions. Development of thinking ability, it is very important for children to learn, master and apply the knowledge.
3. the observer's goal is to accumulate in memory, human intelligence is the result of accumulated knowledge. Knowledge can not be separated from the memory. The language of painting is an image, image accumulation can also rely on memory.
4. use right brain image memory theory, frozen into a picture in the brain, to maximize image of right brain and memory function. Contribution to create thinking, do not rigidly adhere to the local analysis, looking at the global, leaped forward with bold speculations, intuitive conclusion could be reached, out of major decisions.

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