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What is a digital painting?

Source: | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Source of digital painting
Digital painting was invented in the 1950 of the 20th century the United States became very popular in France, and Germany, and Italy and other countries, a generation after generation of United States, loves to paint, but have not learned the person can easily draw your own paintings. Europe's fascination with digital painting is very close to madness, had hit a 4-year to sell 15 million units of sales records, as a product due to enduring and far-reaching as the popular culture was included in European and American history. Now the industry has slowly infiltrated into China, will another new favorite of the DIY industry in China.
What is digital painting?
Today we will be digital paintings to the public, together with you,--communication arts, harvesting fruit.
Streets opened up a lot of small scale digital picture management workshop
Digital painting, also known as colors of his painting is processed through the advanced separations technology painting, pattern, photo processing, and is formed by more than 10 procedures making.
Players as long as this product can easily apply a variety of beautiful screen redraw can be world famous paintings, also can be a scenic, animals, flowers and so on, there are a number of pictures everyone can draw the mastery of work, everyone can enjoy the fun of art.
Digital painting with strong decorative and unique charm, it never realizes the artistically trained people can quickly map out exquisite works of art.
Digital painting is not simply filled in the sense of painting, her appeal is that everyone can use their own unique method of drawing to painting, brush the different ways of making every painting has its unique life, meaning that each painting is unique and original works of art.
Through this product for anyone to draw a pair of world-class paintings.

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