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12x16'' Painting By Numbe Digital Painting Maintenance

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

12x16'' Painting by Numbe Digital painting maintenance

Digital painting can be saved for two or three hundred years. But if the protection of improper, some oil paintings in a few decades after the possible cracking, shedding and discoloration of thephenomenon. Nature in any organism, through the passage of time will gradually become old, old. Oil paintings in the evolution of all kinds of natural law, but also gradually appear a variety of deterioration problems, and even face the bottleneck of preservation. So how do you protect your digital paintings from damage?

First, the completion of digital paintings after this, and so the screen paint dry, and even brush a layer of oil painting "varnish". Varnish can protect the screen paint and the role of the canvas, and make the screen look more bright, better texture.

Second, the volume of oil painting in the front of the canvas covered with a layer of transparent film paper, and the canvas roll in a dedicated hard paper tube, and then wrapped with bubble paper. This can ensure that the oil painting clean, no deformation, no crease.

Third, the oil painting should not be close to the two pictures across the long time, to avoid the temperature rise of the paint paint together, resulting in oil off, the screen damage.

Fourth, the process of transport to avoid sharp objects to puncture the canvas. When painting oil painting, the front of the painting to face their own, while paying attention to the fingers of the dirt and grease may be stained with digital painting and paint.

5, choose the oil painting hanging environment, to avoid long-term moisture, contaminated.

Six, can be coated on the back of the canvas on the back of two layers of pre-dissolved in turpentine in the natural beeswax, can completely prevent the immersion of humid air caused damage.

Seven, do not use sprays, pesticides and other chemicals against the oil painting spray.

Eight, because of the long time the picture fell dust, brush can be used to brush gently brush, can also be used semi-dry and wet wet material wipe. Oil paints are water-insoluble, but long damp will change color, wipe with wipes to grasp the sense of proportion. If the oil above the smoke, you can use a small amount of light water and water gently try to scrub, and then quickly take the sponge to the water on the screen to dry, and then take the fan light blowing oil painting surface. Older oil paintings can be used for oil painting maintenance, in the spray on the varnish before the use of clean cloth to clean the screen.

In addition, in the case of oil painting repair problems, please leave a professional to help you.

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