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16x20'' Painting By Numbers Process Production

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

16x20'' Painting by Numbers Process production

In the strict sense, "line painting" does not belong to the pure art 16x20 "digital painting, it belongs to 16x20" digital painting crafts, "line painting" imitation 16x20 "digital painting, often use a variety of techniques or easy to imitate the craft Approach to form a set of almost no change in the drawing process, fast, large copy of the 16x20 "digital painting effect. And professional art institutions of the professor is completely different, "line painting" techniques commonly used to train artists without art skills, in a short time to master and carry out the pipeline operation. This is the current Hangzhou decorative painting manufacturers use more methods, or large quantities of goods simply can not keep up with the rhythm. "Painting" originated in the nineteenth century Europe and the United States, with the increase in labor costs, "line painting" manufacturing market transferred to South Korea, after the introduction of Hong Kong called "Korean painting", and the mainland called " The Today, the cost of labor in China is also increasing, mass production in North Korea, Russia, Ukraine and other places of the "painting", began dressed in "elegant art" and "emperor new clothes" into China. "Painting" is usually cheap, bright colors, style kitsch, used to meet the world's low-end art market. Because it is not the pursuit of art, and often with the "goods" with the taste is not high non-pure art 16x20 "digital painting .At the same time, because" line painting "artist level is high and low, pure art" 16x20 "digital painting" also There are advantages and disadvantages, 16x20 "digital painting appreciation ability is also like antique appreciation, not everyone born, but to go through the professional art of learning, and often see the original painting experience, decorative painting manufacturers here revealed a small Secret, developed countries often to the owner of the home or office of the paintings, is "painting" or high-grade "16x20" digital painting "to determine the master's humanities and economic strength.

Of course, due to the price advantage and the huge audience, "painting" also has its large number of reasons ... ... then, "painting" and pure art "16x20" digital painting ", where is the difference? Product "different!" Goods "different!" Goods "is not a safe and reliable environmental protection

The coating in the production process and coating process, the product odorless, non-toxic, the environment does not produce any pollution. High-quality decorative painting manufacturers to ensure product quality at the same time will pay attention to the production process of some of the emission standards, does not affect the health of the factory staff. 2 good weather resistance

With the paint produced by the decorative painting 16x20 "digital painting cloth, can withstand a large temperature difference changes, continuous production throughout the year, product quality and stability. Winter, long distance transport is not dry, not peeling. Summer, preservation and transportation process , No adhesion, no deterioration.

3 stable adhesion

The coating on the cotton canvas substrate has a good adhesion, saving energy, reducing production costs and improve the daily output for the decorative painting manufacturers to bring more economic benefits.

4 constant flexibility

The 16x20 "digital painting cloth produced by the paint, the coating is uniform, the texture is fine, the texture is strong.When the curl is not broken, the climate does not become brittle when it is dry and has good flexibility, and its flexibility is not changed with temperature Not sticky, low temperature does not brittle.

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