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8x12'' Painting By Numbers The Top Of The Drawbar

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

8x12'' Painting by Numbers The top of the drawbar

One, the bottom of the eyebrows (metal) to install the two with the legs of the screw

Second, open the top of the rod fixed frame, pull the top of the pull rod, the way to the bottom of the bar inserted into the bottom of the bar.

Third, open the top of the rod clamp, according to the size of your drawing board to adjust the height, clamping, locking.

Four, if there is a tape, put the strap pulled up to the back of the leg.

If you want to complete the perfect painting, the height of the art easel is also very important, so the deduction of the easel "legs" out, adjusted to fit their own height; followed by the back of the easel "U" mouth, A long stick of metal stick, the U-mouth along the middle of the management of the iron bar to move to the top, while the two sides of the screws on the metal stick 6 holes, and the rope attached to the large stent and metal stick between. And then find the easel can move above the U-shaped piece forward, and finally put the drawing on the metal bar on it.

There is a kind of easel is used for painting, that is, art supplies that kind of exhibition equipment which also has a easel, this kind of easel we should be considered a more common, a lot of hotel promotions and special food When the application will be a relatively simple easel, to show the special goods and pictures, when the customer into the time to be able to quickly understand the goods, the final decision is not want to eat their own want to buy. The general structure of the bottom of the easel is not the same, some are circular easel, there is a triangle of the easel, coupled with a stent and screen, a simple exhibition display equipment on the formation of the structure of the simple picture of the increase, In the application of the time as long as the adjustment of the balance of the screen can be a very easy to carry and disassembly. For the characteristics of the easel can be seen that the use of the easel is very wide range, it can be used in the promotion of various commodities or activities to promote them, as long as the show on the screen to show the goods and corporate image LOGO on it Easel can be reused, because as long as the propaganda work when the corresponding goods on the LOGO on it, so that is completely replaced the picture on the easel can make the easel once again to do publicity.

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