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4x6'' Painting By Numbers Aesthetic Characteristics

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

4x6'' Painting by Numbers Aesthetic characteristics

In the past, through the analysis of the aesthetic characteristics of the western 4x6 "digital painting art and the artistic language in the historical process, we have learned the development form of the western 4x6" digital painting art ". In the 20th century China, with the collapse of the feudal system and the rise of the May 4th New Culture Movement, Western art had a strong impact on Chinese traditional art in the past century. It can be said that the centuries-old process of Chinese art in the 20th century is a historical process of comprehensive communication, collision and fusion of Chinese and Western art in aesthetic ideals, artistic concepts and formal languages, and this process continues to deepen today.

Western art of 4x6 "digital art as the western modern humanistic art of the carrier, since the beginning of the century with the new art education into China, on the one hand with its object of rational exploration of the spirit (realism), on the one hand with its main Perceptual publicity (expressionism), soon to be pursued by Chinese society to accept the modern artists, and gradually developed in a hundred years, a Chinese art scene with a distinctive era of color .4x6 "digital painting has become with the Deep traditional Chinese painting the same size of the big variety. It can be said that the development process of the 4x6 "digital painting art in the Chinese land is the side of a historical epitome of the modernization of Chinese art.

At present, 4x6 "digital painting has become the basic course of art education in our country.With the current college art professional 4x6" digital painting curriculum set the basic requirements, according to the existing domestic 4x6 "digital painting materials, focusing on some of the most basic 4x6 "digital painting practical knowledge and sketch method, as a learner to understand 4x6" digital painting knowledge, learning painting techniques to guide.

That digital 4x6 "digital painting which brand is good, of course, is Dongyang City Arts Crafts Co., Ltd. digital 4x6" digital painting. Harmonizer is 4x6 "digital painting of the important medium, many types of quality differences in the quality of the basic practice in the sketch of the general preparation of two can be: some people only use color oil.

The following brief description of the current domestic production of several harmonic agent performance:

Pure linen oil. Hot pressing pure linseed oil, after deacidification, dehydration, decolorization processing, with crystal clear and pure characteristics. And French-made linseed oil detection analysis, the indicators are better than the latter. The oil is one of the best shiny toners, and it is also essential for the production of triple oil and milky matt toner.

Pure linseed oil (not bleached). After pressing the deacidification, dehydration treatment. The bleached linseed oil is lighter than yellow. After the decolorization of linseed oil, a long time will be aging and gradually turn yellow, and ultimately return to the original color, which is the classic 4x6 "digital painting yellow the main reason some experts believe that the beginning of the use of non-decolorizing linseed oil, Painting can be taken directly into the yellow factor. This linoleum oil performance and decolorization of the same.

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