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Aesthetic Value In What Aspect Of Digital Painting

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Digital painting is human history has left us a precious heritage, the charm of its unique enriched human vision and spirit, also the aesthetic and ideological level was a great inspiration. Oil painting reproduction in natural beauty and the ideal of beauty, form the United States reached unprecedented exploration of aesthetic realm.
(1) reproduce the natural beauty
Humans are the natural gradual understanding and communication of progress and development, as the ideology of the people's art is inextricably linked with nature. Capable of reproducing nature of painting is accompanied by human civilization and technological development has gradually been refined. Painting the appearance of the entire history of painting in the reproduction of natural depth-a big step forward. Oil painting ability to create three dimensional illusions real and natural objects and rich, depth has far surpassed that of other kinds of painting, painters using the excellent painting skills to create a natural and powerful beauty, and beauty of the human spirit.
(2) the ideal beauty and form beauty
The ideal of beauty in art is the beauty of refined, norm established after an accord with people's subjective beauty. The standardized form of ideal beauty is beauty. In oil painting reproduction of nature and the pursuit of ideal beauty go hand in hand. Classical oil paintings focus on sense of reality and the ideal, and standardization of human aesthetic sentiment reflects, it pay attention to symmetrical proportions, flowing lines and rounded shapes, harmonious colours, elegant ambience. Meanwhile, ideal of beauty but also with changes of the times and artist personality differences and changes. In addition to the stylized beauty, there is bold and showy Baroque style ideal of beauty, there are simple, profound natural beauty. The pursuit of ideal beauty brought the opening of formal beauty. Late painting mainly in the form of exploration for the purpose of improvement makes changes in the form of colorful painting technique to make paintings look colorful.

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