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Digital Painting Repair

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

Digital painting is a very refined works, in the process of saving, it is inevitable for a variety of reasons, there are some problems. Now, we'll show you some ways to remedy. Damage repair of the perfect digital painting. 

1, to crack the digital painting it is difficult to be repaired, foreign digital painting techniques are more mature, professional maintenance personnel. Their method is simple: the cracks after cleaning with turpentine, flat screen, cracked the back liner has a certain hardness of wood, and then crack with a small hammer to tap on the front, will highlight the corners of the flat after flat high quality transparent latex coating to crack and have cracks fill with color, Polish after drying. This method is limited to the stroke texture-free flat screen, have the texture of the screen only after cleaning glue, Polish or fill with color. Colored blocks off places need to be seasoned with LaTeX powder (or Lithopone) into a paste as a filling material. Fill and then fill with color. I personally believe that only this very precious digital painting process. 

2, the result of squeezing, against the rough picture, without cracking the case, appropriate spray some water on the back of the canvas, flat screen rear ventilated place to dry as soon as possible. When you use a hair dryer to speed up the drying and avoid overheating, avoid using Sun-dried methods, as this will make the picture is uneven. 

3, the rupture caused by collision, repair methods are: in the gap at the back painted with LaTeX, cut a larger piece of linen labeled, with the align tool will break the whole flat, digital painting the picture face down lying on a flat table. Lining up with iron ironing of linen, be careful not to let through a breach of latex adhesive on the desktop. After flat to dry, and then filled with digital painting paints modified damage if damage is apparent, you will need to fill material used to fill and then coloring. In China, due to the short history of digital painting, there is no perfect technology, are collections of the works of the older generation of digital painting has obvious damage, repair and maintenance not generally saved.

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