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DIY Digital Painting Color Techniques

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

A good digital painting, mainly reflects the configuration of the pigment is the essence of digital painting, digital painting pigments on the market right now is mainly dominated by environmentally-friendly propylene. Digital painting all the pattern is made up of basic shapes and colors, and color make up an important part of our image processing.
Endless varieties, the color is gorgeous, but there is a certain relationship between the various colors, each color 3 parameter can be used to determine the hue, lightness, and saturation. Hue is the color difference of each feature depends on the color of the light source spectrum and the wavelength emitted by the surface feeling on the eyes can distinguish red, yellow, green, blue, purple and other features. Lightness, also known as brightness is a value that represents the surface characteristics of the changes of light and shade; compare color brightness, color there is a distinction between bright and dark. Saturation, also known as chroma, is the characteristic value that represents the object surface colour shade, color has the difference between the bright and dark. Hue, lightness, and saturation, constitutes a solid, established the three scales, we can use numbers to measure color. Nature's kaleidoscope of colors, but the most fundamental is the red, yellow, and blue three, called primary colors. Deployment in different proportions to these three primary colors mixed in another color, known as complex color, such as red + yellow = orange; blue + yellow = green, Orange and green known as complex color. Three colors of rich, its another color in the color circle and its corresponding complementary color. For example, yellow and blue make green, corresponds to the complementary color of Red is green. In the color scheme, adding white will dilute a primary colour or complex, you can get "saturation" of different colors into different components of black can be obtained by "lightness" of different colors. Complementary color to join the rich colors in black, gray or black.
Adjustment of color and paint color tips
(1) rendering intent, you need to be careful, try small, number of primary color coating is obtained, and then prepared according to sample results detail. In smaller containers will be Deputy first color and secondary colors are fine.
(2) to join the main color (in the tinting strength of large and small amount of colors in the color scheme), and then dyed dark (or color) slowly and continuously adding and stirring constantly, observe the color change.
(3) "elementary", especially when pigment stain and avoid excess.
(4) If a match color paint and dry after the film there will be slight differences. Lighter than the paint color when wet, when the paint dried, the color. Therefore, if the sample is dry samples, color paint, drying of a color comparison if the samples were wet model, you can drop by drop in the paint color samples, observe the two colors are the same.
(5) you should know in advance of primary colors in complex paints float and paint changes, especially amino paint and vinyl chloride coating, greater attention needed.
(6) the deployment of complex color paint, paint you want to select the same character leveling, solvent system also should be dissolved, or because of the bad paint compatibility, can affect quality, even layer, precipitation or gelling behavior occurs, you cannot use.
(7) because of the color, often with a different head, if being green, with green, yellow and blue with a yellow head; when equipped with red and purple, with red head blue and red with a blue head; when equipped with orange, with yellow head and red and yellow with a red head.
(8) to blend color process, which you want to add supplementary material, such as hardener, thinners and driers, color, so as not to affect the color.
(9) in the deployment of gray, green, and so when you paint, preparation of various pigments, pigment density, oil content, is likely to "floating", "fat" and so on, may participate, as appropriate, a trace of surfactants or leveling, anti-flooding agents to solve. 0.1% silicone oil is added to prevent foreign companies producing a variety of surfactants, need to distinguish the solvent system which added weight in 0.1%~1%.

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