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Easels Easel Are Generally Divided

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Easels Easel are generally divided

May not be unfamiliar to the easel, easel is the name of the need to draw a shelf when you can put some drawing board to paint or sketch, with the easel for people who like to paint should be a help, because the direct use Drawing board to draw very inconvenient all rely on their own in the holding, but also have a little hindered painting, if there is a easel to support the drawing board, then it will be convenient to draw a lot, the first easel can automatically raise the height, When painting a fixed role, but also free to adjust their own want to high degree, is a very practical easel. Easel are generally divided into: triangular easel, four corners of the easel, there are folding type of easel, adjustable height of the easel and so on.

The research on benchmarking enterprises has always been the core and foundation of the research report, because the benchmarking enterprises are equivalent to the sample of industry research, so the development of a certain number of benchmarking enterprises, to a large extent, reflects the mainstream development trend of an industry The This report carefully selected the easel industry's largest and most representative of the 5-10 benchmark enterprises to conduct research, including the basic situation of each business, product system, business data, technology, development trends and so on. The report can also be in accordance with customer requirements, adjust the benchmarking enterprises to select the number and selection methods. Investment Opportunities The report on the investment opportunities in the easel industry is divided into general investment opportunity research and specific project investment opportunities. The general investment opportunities are mainly analyzed from the point of view of subdivided products, regional market and industrial chain. The investment opportunities of specific projects are mainly aimed at The artwork industry plans to be built and seek cooperation to carry out research and evaluation.

This report mainly uses the market share as the index to analyze the competitive pattern of the easel industry, also gives the same market share index and the competitive pattern analysis to the breakdown products and services, and carries on the competition group to the mainstream enterprise according to the market share and the market influence And analyze the characteristics of the competition groups. In addition, by analyzing the strategic trends of the mainstream enterprises, the investment dynamics and the investment heat of the new entrants, the market entry strategy, to determine the trend of the future trend of the easel industry.

Report from the following aspects of the easel industry market demand analysis: 1, the user consumption scale and year on year growth rate: through the past five consecutive years of Chinese market easel industry user consumption scale and year on year growth analysis, to determine the easel industry Economic scale and growth, and the next five years to predict the growth trend of user consumption scale, the content presented in the form of "text description + data chart (column line chart)." 2, the product structure: from a number of angles (1-3), the easel industry products and services to be classified, and give each type of sub-products and services to users of the scale of consumption and the proportion of the industry, help Customers in the overall grasp of the easel industry product structure; part of the content presented in the form of "text description + data chart (pie chart)". 3, the market distribution: from the user's geographical distribution and spending power and other factors, to analyze the distribution of the industry share of the situation, and the consumption of large-scale focus on the regional market consumption analysis, including the region's consumption scale, consumption characteristics , Product structure, etc .; this part of the content presented in the form of "text narrative + data charts (tables, pie charts)." 4, user research: the main study of consumer behavior, including the user concerned about the product factors, the purchase frequency, purchase channels.

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