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Easels Place The Drawing Board

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: May 31, 2017

An easel; a drawing stand is the shelf used to place a drawing board.

Words: easel

Pinyin: huà jià

A frame made of wood, metal, or plastic. The artist can paint the canvas on the shelf as needed or upright.

According to the type can be divided into tripod, four planes, pull (telescopic) frame and folding frame

According to the material can be divided into wooden frame, metal frame, plastic [1] frame and so on

According to the use can be divided into ordinary easel painting frame

The easel frame is specially designed for painting oil paintings, mostly wooden corners of the frame, the structure is more complex, usually with oil painting pen and paint the box, easel pitch angle can be adjusted, and some under the universal roller, the price is more expensive The

Wooden easel editing


For indoor, can be placed larger drawing board [2]


There are pine [3], fir, etc., can also be valuable wood

Metal easel editing

More popular

Easy to use, can be folded, easy to carry, can be outdoor sketch [4]

Aluminum alloy

With its advantages of light for the manufacture of easel, beautiful small,

Sketch, painting is often used to pad the paper plate, often on the easel, but also put the knee on the painting. In the easel fixed on the drawing board, and some use of the clip, but also useful tape, drawing board size with the user requirements, mostly wooden, feel light, smooth, art supplies stores are sold, can also be self-made. There is also a plastic drawing board, not only directly on the board painting, you can also erase, suitable for children's painting practice, but also for toys and more.

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