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Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Aug 26, 2017

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Wooden handicrafts to a variety of wood as the main raw material, a machine production, handmade, such as model wood hand, wooden cover and wooden hand, easel, etc., which have semi-machine semi-handmade, fine workmanship, simple design, style Different, natural color, novel chic, is China's unique style of handicrafts. -

Our wood crafts as long as the raw materials are loaded wood, beech, pine and other major materials, according to product categories have three categories, models of props supplies, art supplies and other wood crafts.

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The art of wooden handicrafts is strong, it is mainly embossed, designed to take a small perspective, aerial view of the composition and other composition, full layout, loose but not loose, and more chaos, structured, prominent theme, So loved by collectors. According to the design requirements and sample processing production, can be used laser engraving, screen printing, stamping, bronzing, etc. on the product for you to mark the main raw materials are Paulownia, poplar, neem wood, pine, oak, basswood , Birch, MDF, multi-plywood and so on. The maintenance of wooden handicrafts is related to the value of crafts, how to maintain wooden crafts:

      First, the wooden crafts should not be a long time on the sun exposure and cracking, so small pieces of small pieces should not be exposed, avoid blowing air conditioning opposite. When the wooden handicrafts are placed, they should be consciously careful not to put them in the window.

      Second, wood crafts should not be placed in a very humid or very dry room.

In a very humid environment, part of the wooden crafts president "hair". Such as green sandalwood crafts will spit out the silver-white silk out. This is a lot of people do not like it. Too dry environment, and some wooden handicrafts may be part of the phenomenon of cracking. We should pay attention to the wooden handicrafts do not blow directly to the air conditioning outlet. And do not put it in the vicinity of the heating tube.

      Third, should not be wiped with a towel with water, it is appropriate to use waxy or fat cotton towel wipe.

Fourth, wooden crafts should not be placed in the open fire, fire, kang, stove and other nearby.

    Usually according to the indoor clean or not, often with dry cotton or feather duster to the wooden handicrafts on the dust to show its natural beauty, if you find the gloss of wood crafts is not good, you can apply a brush to the wax Wooden crafts on the surface, with a rag can be polished. Of course, you can also use a cotton towel dipped in some walnut oil gently rub the surface of the wooden handicrafts, which can also achieve the desired results.

Also note: Do not wipe with a towel with water, this will make the wooden handicrafts too wet, but not achieve the desired effect, and easy to damage the wood; have the ability to ask people to help maintenance, , Use a mild white water to wipe, dry, and then rub wax once to restore the appearance of this. Avoid rubbing with solvent, such as gasoline, oil, turpentine, and so on.

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