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How To Choose The Framework, With A Picture Frame

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

So many box-free decorative painting currently on the market, product quality also has a great deal of difference in price ranges in the 20~100 above.
Can I buy a pair of good quality oil painting is a wonderful thing. So, first of all, how to distinguish between a frameless picture quality, mainly from the following aspects: Copyright (copyright), back panel, color, mounting, etc.
, Copyright
Legitimate top decorative paint brands in mainland China must have the drawing for picture Copyright (also known as copyright). Current low prices in the market most of the paintings are not copyrighted. Because pirate paintings failed to make the original picture data, such as: true to detail precise description, color reduction and therefore unable to meet the highest quality picture effect. Because of copyright issues, therefore, most inexpensive picture frame do not have brand and trademark, quality box decorative paint brands because they have the original picture data, in order to ensure the highest quality of picture effect.
Second, back
Frameless decorative painting different box decorative painting. Back issues does not exist because there are boxes of decorative painting, picture frame quality problems exist. Without the decorative painting on the back panel of the box are pretty strict.
Most important in the following two points:
1, smoothness: the paper is mounted on the backplane, backplane itself is not smooth, uneven, or small particles can cause inequalities on the surface of decorative painting, thus affecting the decorative visual effect.
2, back plate deformation: decorative painting for home décor, its back panel also often subjected to daily expansion and contraction, and the winds blew and the illumination of, easy to make back distorted. We can think of, even if a slight distortion, different light in the room (window into the lights and spotlights) under decorative painting will become the outfit. And large-format decorative painting is more flexible. China cheap decorative painting for cost savings, most are very common on the market of cheap MDF thickness of only 1CM. The density coefficient is very low, not only the surface is not smooth and deform easily. Sometimes happens just framed up decorative painting back plate, let alone 1, 2 years after that? Good decorative paint brands of imported high density Board, plate thickness up to 1.5CM. Because of the high density, weight is also heavier, the quality of the decorative painting a picture of a 40-by-40 about 4 kg. While pretreatment of plates to undergo a rigorous, can guarantee the formation and deformation of the artboard. Decorative painting for more than 55 by 55CM even if this strict treatment of the back panel will appear in the 1-2 the case. Therefore, good picture frame manufacturers tend to use is in the middle of the plate by adding picture and special fillers (thickness up to 2.5CM), using engineering techniques, reinforced back panel to ensure that permanent deformation of the back panel. But cheap box decorative painting is hollow.
Three color
As we all know, for a professional painter, paint is extremely important. Similarly, for making, decorative painting, paint is almost decorative painting of the soul. Current yield brand decorative painting painting using pigments for United States imports exclusive paint. Paint provider can often guarantee a very long time (usually five years or more) color commitment. While cheap decorative painting in order to save costs, using domestic alternatives. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the decorative painting continued UV exposure without fading or discoloration of the behavior does not occur. Meanwhile, poor quality of pigment is difficult to reproduce the exact color of fine drawing and color deviation caused phenomena. This causes, we saw on the Internet drawing color is very beautiful and decorative painting is not received by the thing.
Four, mounting
Framed painting is like one's clothes, huge has the most accurate drawing of the original data back sheet materials of the best quality, most accurate and would also like to color pigments, if not well framed, decorative painting cannot be regarded as first-class. Good decorative paint brands with international most advanced Germany mount machine, mounting of the most experienced technician. To ensure the picture flat seamless, uniform film still, corner-cutting mode of accurate and detailed. Cheap decorative painting because there is no State of the art equipment and experienced technicians, but also because of bad back sheet materials do not meet requirements, after mounting images, will touch not only the sense of touch with uneven, worse still if we carefully to see with the naked eye, will also find rough places. Tiny little fresh. Over time, paper back and he sometimes appears from popping. While the corners are quite rough, density plate of crude fiber in a simple paint below is very uneven.
Five points, other
Package: decorative paintings belonging to the vulnerable product, at the same time, logistics companies are generally not insured. So when you buy online box decorative painting, choosing a professional packaging is also very important.
Foreign trade: China's current industrial picture processing using equipment and technology from abroad, therefore, almost no foreign trade. Certainly no foreign trade picture frame and single issues. Cheap decorative painting in particular, due to copyright restrictions, all but impossible to export. Buy decorative painting budget: in General, decorative painting costs and improvements of the proportion of the total cost of the 1:100 is more appropriate. Which means renovation cost a total of 80,000 yuan, decorative painting, it costs 800 to 1000 Yuan a good budget.
Collocation and choice of decorative painting: family hang decorative painting is a particularly strong personality. Because every person or every home style, personal preferences of the different purchase decorative painting may be different. Is a combination of the best home décor choices they deem suitable for decorative painting. Rather than follow what others hang hang himself. Also, combinations of decorative painting is also very important, picture combinations can be: perpendicular to the parallel combination, combination, trapezoid and symmetrical combinations, combinations, such as take a combination of asymmetric.

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