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How To Distinguish Quality Acrylic Paints

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Nov 12, 2016

1, gloss, the real significance of acrylic paint is not needed to use polishes, acrylic with its own gloss, polishes are used under what conditions? Placed at the oil painting for a long time after the old, using polishes to clean the screen makes the picture and coming back to the original result. Or drawn with oil paint painting process, add some oil paint polishes can make paintings of vivid color. Acrylic water soluble pigment, he can only dissolve in water, polishes for oil products, and acrylic paints are not up to the mix.

2, observations, see if acrylic paints are layered. So-called stratified refers to the bottom of the container with thick layers of sediment, upper part of the container is very dilute liquid, this acrylic paints metamorphic acrylic paints are not in use. High quality acrylic paints for 2 years will not happen.

After 3, Acrylic paint smell, open the lid, smell the acrylic paints have pungent taste or smell, high quality acrylic paints to add flavor not pungent taste, but will have a mild flavor.

4, hiding power, high quality acrylic paints have a strong covering power, low-quality propylene often coverage is poor.

5, color retention, high quality acrylic paints are better than lower-quality acrylic paint color performance a lot, you can put different acrylic paints picture of the quality of the finished painting in the Sun below, after a long period of low quality acrylic paints for fading phenomenon.

6, price comparisons, quality on the propylene market sells for between 300ml/12-15 and some will be higher, is not sold on the market of low-quality propylene, gouache price between 100ML/1.3-1.5, so please our customers and consumers not only price comparison, must have quality and price more and more reasonable.

7, for examination. When drawing or painting materials you do not understand, no side painted friends, ask them as consigliere for advice. I used acrylic paints can be used for college entrance examination, college entrance examination for every student is the turning point of life, so when they participate in the competition or examination, will choose quality acrylic paints as a paint raw material quality, if you select acrylic paint quality will directly affect their scores. I use acrylic paints factory students often purchase and participate in a number of examinations and competitions, I plant to buy acrylic paint factory is a factory more than 40 years of State-owned enterprises, please rest assured that use.

8, more than durability. How to tell if you are purchasing digital painting using acrylic for really acrylic paints or gouache, is simple, men's friends smoke filters can be picked, and a small amount of water, to wipe the screen, high quality acrylic is a fading phenomenon does not occur, lower-quality acrylic only gently wipe, fade appears.

9, than the elastic. Low-quality acrylic paint finished painting, place 1 month pictures hair appears as hairline cracks, high quality acrylic paints is not such a situation. High quality acrylic paints are ready after he was presented with elastic, gelatinous, to buckle by hand would have flexibility, low quality with a clasp of his hand will come or noodle-off, this is the "powder".

Teach you several simple methods to determine your purchase of digital painting is truly of propylene
1, after drawing with a towel, if fade is a low-quality acrylic or gouache.
2, after drawing with hands to pull at the images, if there is flexibility for high quality, if there is no flexibility, shedding object-acrylic powder for low quality.
3, at the first sniff before buying, take a look at whether there are tiered and pungent smell.

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