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Painting By Numbers Color Adjustment

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Painting by Numbers Color adjustment

A good digital oil painting mainly reflects the essence of digital oil painting is the configuration of pigment. Now, the color of digital oil painting on the market is mainly green propylene. All patterns of digital oil paintings are composed of basic shapes and colors, and colors constitute an important part of our image processing.

Color adjustment and paint color matching technique

(1) when adjusting color, you should be careful, first try the small sample, first get the number of color coating, and then make a large sample according to the sample results. First, adjust the secondary color and the secondary color in the small container.

(2) to join the main color (in the color matching the color of the dosage, tinting strength, small), dyeing force large dark (or color) slowly and continuously to join, and continuously stirring, observe the change of color.

(3) "shallow deep", especially when adding the colouring force digital oil painting wholesale pigment, avoid excessive.

(4) deployment of multicolor coating, should choose to allocate each other of the same nature coating, solvent system should also be miscibility, otherwise due to the bad mixing soluble coatings, affect the quality of stratification, precipitation or gel occur, even not be able to use.

(5) because the color often comes with a variety of color heads, if it is green, the yellow and yellow head with green head are usually used; When it is red, it should be blue with red head and red with blue head. When match orange, should use the red with yellow head and yellow with red head.

(6) the color of the paint and the coated film will be slightly different in color matching. All kinds of paint color in the wet film is generally shallow, when the coating is dry, the color is deepened. Therefore, if the sample is dry, the color paint will be used for color comparison after drying. If the sample is a wet sample, you can drop a drop of the sample in the paint to see if the two colors are the same.

(7) should be aware of the degree of floating and the change of paint, especially in amino coatings and perchloroethylene coatings.

(8) in the deployment of the multicolor paint such as gray, green, due to a variety of mixture of pigment, the density of paint, oil absorption, likely "floating color" "hair flower" wait for a phenomenon, when appropriate, to join the trace of surfactant or flow ping agent, anti floating color agent to solve. In addition, it is often added 0.1% of the silicone oil to prevent and control the various surfactants produced by foreign companies, which should be used in the solvent system. (9) it should be noted that in the process of mixing color, which digital oil painting wholesale auxiliary materials, such as drier, curing agent and thinner, should be added, so as not to affect color.

Digital oil painting wholesale color varieties changes rich, gorgeous, but has certain internal relation between all sorts of color, each color can be used to determine the three parameters, namely the hue, lightness and saturation. Tone is characteristic of color difference between each other, determine the guang-yuan yu of chromatography and the wavelengths emitted by an object's surface to the human eye feeling, can be the difference between red, yellow, green, blue, purple etc. Characteristics.

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