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Painting By Numbers Home Decoration

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Painting by Numbers Home decoration

Digital painting has a broader market than cross stitch

1, digital painting VS cross stitch:

A, the difference: the use of different cloth (cross stitch with grid cloth, oil painting with ... ...), to produce patterns used in different materials (cross stitch with the line, oil painting with ink) , Digital painting wholesale price and cross stitch wholesale price is not the same.

B, the same place: are DIY can be produced according to their own plans, are home decorations, paintings of the mounting process produced the same, can be used as a gift to give.

C, in addition to the same and different, the biggest drawback of cross stitch is the finished product production process is too long, or even up to a few months, or more than six months longer, so long production, not suitable for modern fast-paced Life painting, easy to make the producers halfway, loss of confidence; and digital painting production just make up for the cross stitch production time is too long this defect, digital painting can be completed in a short time, the same picture of the digital painting and cross stitch at the same time Production speed may be 1: 100 or greater, digital painting takes 1 hour to complete, cross stitch may be more than 100 hours

D, if you do not want someone to say that you do not have the painter's talent you want to buy; if you do not want the work life to bring you great pressure to relax your stress you want to buy; if you do not want to lose in any way Lack of self-confidence need to regain self-confidence you want to buy, if you want your future is not a dream, you want to buy, Xidun digital painting, to help you realize your dreams!

2, digital painting can be hands-on painting, to develop their own or children's interest in painting.

3, work decompression, adjust your emotions, enhance your self-confidence.

4, digital painting can be used as decorations as a home decoration, shaping your living space more harmonious and perfect.

5, experience to become a painter's feeling, you are a painter, build self-confidence.

6, experience the sense of accomplishment of painting, others can do, you can do it.

7, digital painting wholesale consumer groups: men and women, all ages (including kindergarten children) .This kind of painting a family can go to the painting, more integration of a warm home!

8, digital painting to help people who learn painting to increase creative inspiration.

9, you can digital painting as a gift, to your relatives or friends, to express your good wishes, while the other side to harvest and you feel the same.

10, digital painting wholesale = dream board, dream come true. Put the oil painting in the upper right corner of the opposite wall of the room, as long as every day to see, with a planned action, in the near future, you will have a digital painting and similar scenes or things. Help you realize your dream!

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