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Painting By Numbers Quality Resolution Method

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Painting by Numbers Quality resolution method

The types and quality resolution methods of digital painting canvas

The recent digital painting wholesale market has become increasingly hot, but still have a lot of customers is just beginning to contact the industry, the situation in this industry, especially the quality of digital painting is ignorant of the quality. What kind of digital painting canvas? How is the quality? Now the market is generally digital painting wholesale manufacturers are like to use what kind of canvas? The following is the digital painting to explain the most popular three canvas, and their quality resolution method.

First, high-quality high-quality color canvas canvas

Digital painting canvas print and spray liquid film can reflect the perfect oil painting effect. Support high-precision original oil painting copy output, print compatibility, color, image resolution, anti-aging performance.

Second, hand painted oil canvas

Which brand is good for digital painting wholesale? What kind of digital painting canvas? Digital painting canvas using advanced equipment and technology, carefully developed formula and process, made by mechanical spraying. Canvas selection of high-quality chemical fiber, cotton, linen, linen, polyester and cotton cloth for the end of cloth, canvas coating evenly flat, no surface particles, no bubbles, no, cloth latitude and longitude clear grid clear. Digital painting canvas cloth combined with a firm, the coating does not peel off, roll does not crepe does not crack; painting when the paint is not infiltration and leakage, color realistic vivid, three-dimensional sense of strong. Long possession is not deformed, do not change color; also according to special requirements scraping. Artists can create linseed canvas, line painting can choose cotton canvas or chemical fiber canvas.

Third, waterproof art cloth, waterproof canvas, waterproof cotton canvas and other matt portrait canvas, digital painting canvas

Digital painting wholesalers in the purchase of canvas, the need to select the coating surface smooth, delicate, cloth base rough, obvious sense, impermeable, no deformation, no crack canvas, color saturation and image resolution , Coating formulations and processes for four-color offset printing, screen printing, such as appropriate plus strokes, the effect is better. Digital painting canvas is suitable for drawing, decorative painting is widely used in wedding photo studio, indoor and outdoor advertising, flag, characters or landscape images, Chinese painting, oil painting, prints, watercolors and so on.

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