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Painting By Numbers Shape To Shape With The Space

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Painting by Numbers Shape to shape with the space

We are in the selection of digital painting, there are some tips, and here to share with you. To some extent, this technique allows you to have a certain grasp of the time when the digital painting is purchased, and will not be deceived by the kind of bad product, which is what we all need.

Skill one:

Digital painting shape to be echoed with the spatial shape If the space of the digital painting is rectangular, then you can choose the same shape of a single digital painting or now more popular combination of digital painting, especially the combination of digital painting, different way and Spacing, can achieve different effects. However, if some places need semi-circular digital painting, can only make a fuss on the screen, such as the space can be left, because now the market has no semi-circular decorative box.

Skill two:

The first line of sight is the best position into the door of the first line of sight is the most put the place where the digital painting, so you will not feel the home wall is empty, bad line of sight, but also produce freshness.

Skill three:

Color selection taboo digital painting can not only be placed in the living room behind the sofa, the TV after the wall, the bedroom, you can also placed in the kitchen, balcony, villa outside the wall. But it is worth noting that, when placed in accordance with the different space for color matching. General modern home improvement style of the overall indoor white to the main, with digital painting mostly yellow and red tone-based. Do not choose negative, dead digital painting, the living room try to choose bright, lively colors, if the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut color, you can choose high gray, partial artistic sense of digital painting - digital painting wholesale.

Skill four

Digital painting of the accessories but also in accordance with the local atmosphere, the surrounding environment and changes in the pattern, combined with the owner's style and preferences, accessories with different effects of digital painting, may be able to reflect the unexpected mood of others - digital painting wholesale.

According to the selection of digital painting of the seven major skills for the digital painting wholesale late market development has brought a favorable knife!

Skill five:

Decorations and digital painting details should be selected after the digital painting, you can also match some of the more innovative decorations, such as small sculptures, handy ashtrays, etc., in detail with digital painting echoes, but also to achieve unexpected effect.

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