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Painting By Numbers The Development Of Painting Art

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Painting by Numbers The development of painting art

Digital painting using the computer graphics board, host, keyboard, mouse and monitor and the corresponding software to paint, the work is a digital graphics and exist, free storage, free copy, easy to carry, will not degenerate; Color control, modification, special effects in a very short period of time can be done, do not like the traditional painting need to consider the pigment, moisture dryness, as long as there is time with the painting can be quickly realized want to express the feelings; no canvas without paint, art The creation cost is very low, is conducive to the promotion of many art workers. All of which provide art facilities for the convenience of the art of painting to the development of a new vitality. Artists apply digital technology to artistic creation, which changes the way traditional art painting works, and has the value of providing convenience for creation. Some people think that digital painting is on the screen to create, in the screen to watch, is virtual, no traditional painting of the real sense and uniqueness, so there is no collection value. This view is biased, digital painting its shape precision, rich colors and a wide range of drawing tools, a variety of performance skills, you can draw the reality is difficult to achieve the special visual effects, can be highly simulated oil painting, watercolor, Chinese painting , Prints, sketches and other types of traditional paintings, the development of printing and digital painting to the physicalization of the possible, modern printing has been able to partially realize the real brush strokes sense of texture, digital painting can be printed on the canvas, watercolor can be water Color printing ", if combined with a certain post-manual processing, the same can achieve the traditional painting of the material beauty, after mounting can also be the same as the traditional painting on display and collection.On the other hand, with the value of the collection is not limited to physical, such as music , The film into a digital product can exist on the specific media can be collected, as the digital painting is the same reason.More valuable is the digital painting works by copying, you can more people at the same time collection, great to meet people's aesthetic needs , It may break the " And the artistic value is entirely dependent on the aesthetic quality of an art form because it has its own unique things that are more valuable and that the digital language of the screen is the charm of the screen. Art value is a very common and involves a wide range of problems.It has values, values and value evaluation, etc. Art value and the value of the economic field is different, it is the art of social products as art How works to adapt to their own special features and meet the social and public demand for aesthetics.

 Digital painting is interchangeable with traditional painting, although digital painting has its own unique artistic language, but the basic shape, color and other forms of art are the same. People and computers are in a contradictory and cooperative relationship, the computer is still under the command of the people with the people, the artist using the computer to create this medium. In the history of the development of painting, there are thousands of means of expression, form of skills and style characteristics, no matter what form, it is the most important to rely on the visual feel and appreciate the art of art, the artist's artistic creation of the ideological and artistic form To the perfect combination, both real life reflection, but also contains the author's feelings of real life, reflecting the painter's thoughts and feelings and world view, the artist's ideological depth, aesthetic taste and artistic skills, artistic expression ability determines the level of creation The level of the overall value of the work of art. And digital painting rich colors, brush texture sense, the screen of the unique light perception, the use of various techniques of superposition, through the digital drawing board to achieve a manual drawing of the digital transfer, both the manual expression of emotional intuition, and computer The accuracy of the operation is the perfect combination of man and machine, making the effect of the screen has a unique aesthetic, is difficult to achieve the traditional painting, with a high aesthetic value.

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