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Painting Frames Build The Framework

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: May 31, 2017

Lesson 4 Set up the framework What is the framework? Paris Tower Eiffel Tower? Like this skeleton of the structure in architecture called the frame structure. What is the material used to build it? What can I do with it? What are the changes in the outline of the basket? Triangle quadrilateral polygon fruit basket which consists of several parts? The fruit basket is usually composed of side and bottom, forming a stable blooming space. Side of the bottom of the bottom of the basket to build: you can paste on the strip or grid of the bottom. Striped grid-style quadrilateral basket production steps: 1. Place two chopsticks in parallel and glue at both ends. 

2. Cross the two chopsticks on the second layer. 

3. Continue to overlap and paste the second layer of two chopsticks.

 4. Continue to cross the layers until they are completed. 

In addition to ...chopsticks, what materials can build fruit basket? Straw material life in the common straw can also build a fruit basket Oh. Metal material triangular frame rectangular frame Note: 1, with the appropriate size of the force, 2, twice with the force to be almost large. How does stability and stability make the unstable quadrilateral frame stable? Plus diagonal Is it stable? why? What is the role of "tilting" or "pulling" 1 2 1 2 Pull out the shape of the "small grid" in the large frame structure? How do you make a solid cube frame? Production methods: 1, first do the upper and lower sides, 2, with four chopsticks connected, 3, each side as much as possible. Cube frame if the cube frame carries the downward pressure, which places can not be diagonal? 

● Reinforcement of the cube frame with four diagonal bars ● Filling the frame: 1, the skeleton structure like the tower is called the frame structure, and its advantages are both material and solid. 2, the structure of the building frame is the most basic shape of the triangle and quadrilateral 3, quadrilateral increase in the role of the diagonal is the role of pull and push. The Do the framework to determine 1, triangular and quadrilateral is the most basic framework, the best stability of the quadrilateral frame. (×) 2, the structure of the triangle is easier to fall. (×) 3, the triangle frame compared with the square frame, with the provincial material, more solid advantages. (√) to do the framework 1, the following (A, B) frame is not easy to deformation. B, C, C spherical 2, the most solid shape in the following shapes is (C). A cube B cuboid 3, the frame structure of the tower is very strong, mainly because (A). A, strong support B, solid C, weak wind resistance B, small area 4, the triangle is the biggest feature of the (A). A, stable 6, the frame structure of the "small lattice" mostly (C A, trapezoidal B, rectangular C, provincial material 5, to be a solid cube frame at least need (C) diagonal bar. A, 8) shape. C, Triangle B, 12 C, 6 What are the characteristics of the frame? The frame is constructed using long strips of material. In the three-dimensional space in accordance with certain principles combined to give the personality of the three-dimensional structure of the structure, is a combination to the process of segmentation. Its shape can be restored to the point, line, surface, by the point, line, surface composition of the form. Take a look at the framework of the use of our life in the composition of a group of plans to tell you what you can see what they are made of material? Thinking: say what kind of material framework in the daily? In the daily life of many things are designed using the framework of the principle, such as life, household items, construction. Chopsticks, tree sticks, wire, is a common material in our lives, with them take a ride, to be a shelf, at home, but also a chic ornament it Today we have to learn to ride the shelf! Step 1: Prepare the material: toothpick, rubber mud Step two: knead the size of the ball evenly Step three, fixed grafting Step four: forming (a) forming (two)? Activity 1: Bibi who moves faster! Try to use rubber mud and toothpick to build a small house frame, to see which a student first in 3 minutes to complete. Activity 2: Bibi who take the high! Who build the frame the highest and most stable, we come to a ratio! Set the principle: the rubber mud rub the size of uniform, base widened, symmetrical balance, the use of two toothpicks reinforcement. Note: Use tools to be careful to help each other complete. Extend the extension In everyday life there are many places that use the principles of building a framework.

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