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Painting Frames Harmony And Unity

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Aug 26, 2017

Painting Frames Harmony and unity

Paper cut frame

Whether it is framed or framed in the form of framed, or a new technology crystal Lamina mounted or acrylic, sandwiches ... ... and so mounting method. In the painting itself does not play a decisive role. But the appropriate mounting method can be used with just the right to make a unique painting novel. According to the different styles of different styles of mounting method, the simple Jane. The complex is complicated. Such as a simple line painting, with the most simple mounting method. Such as making a frameless painting, or choose a simple style frame. , Such as a small straight border. Plus card paper is not mind cut too many tricks, a single layer of paper can be a. Monochromatic core is also true.

Painting and frame selection with the first on the whole should be harmonious and unified, painted core and cardboard with a cardboard and frame harmony, painting core, cardboard and frame to identify the three color relationship. Followed by style with. Finally, the mounting method and workmanship.

Color color, color. In terms of color. First to see the color of the core color. The easiest way is to determine the color of the painted core. A painting inside. What is the position of the color? So what color is the color of the painted core. Can also be called the environment color, such as Leonardo da Vinci's book "Mona Lisa" picture tone is khaki tone. Look after the color can be selected after the cardboard, select the box. The best effect of paper jam is khaki cardboard. It is the same or close to the background of the core. Use light beige can also be used. Frames recommend the use of golden classical European frame. Followed by the choice of coffee or imitation mahogany color. Style painted core and box are European style, so that the three are used in yellow tones. The color of the painting will be very coordinated. Has a sense of beauty. Such as a painting with color is messy, and the screen on each color occupy almost all. Then try to use the color around the screen as the base color is appropriate Frame - box out of the beautiful home, into the house, if you face the empty wall, can not help but feel dull. Hanging at home, a beautiful painting, can play a strong decorative, beautify the role. Wall hanging just right of the painting, can change the wall of the empty sense, to create the atmosphere of the indoor environment. In addition to choosing what kind of painting is very particular about what kind of texture frame is also very important.

■ frame with hanging is a good choice

Wall can hang a lot of paintings: including Chinese painting, oil painting, gouache painting, prints, pencil paintings and so on. Some people like oil painting may also wish to hang their own work ah, but also can be proud of their photography works framed in the frame, you can also own photos with their family to make a warm show.

In the past is very popular in the living room hanging large oil paintings, and sometimes even accounted for a full wall of the location. But if you put a large oil painting in the smaller room, it will make the room look smaller and depressing, but also make the decorative effect is limited. More and more designers recommend using a variety of paintings and frames. For example, in a wall with a few pieces of the same style of painting, their childhood, youth photos made into different sizes of the frame, the formation of a memory of the photo wall, is also a good choice.

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