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Painting Frames Light And Simple

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Painting Frames Light and simple

Light painting frame clear and delicate; dark painting frame elegant and solemn; golden painting frame for the installation of classical oil painting; general wooden painting frame can be filled with watercolor or gouache; aluminum painting frame light and simple, suitable for modern painting As well as the general watercolor painting and gouache painting; square or rectangular painting frame lines have a simple beauty.

The lines are smooth, the color is calm, the style is unified, the style is elegant in the frame of the painting pattern is different from the pattern but the precise matching scarf, the scarf's three-dimensional, the sense of space, the sense of hierarchy, the texture and the color are very strong resembles an oil painting , Realistic, natural, gives the infinite light and elegant dream, contains a creative inspiration. Painting frame, scarf uniform, so that practical and aesthetic resonance. A complete collection of works is composed of frames, cardboard, glass, backplane and hook lanyards. Learn more about the composition of the painting frame, and choose a more appropriate frame for the combination of drawing frames.

    The backplane is a very important part of the painting frame making, so the choice of the frame of the frame is very important. The main role of the backplane in the frame frame is to fix the work, to prevent the wet walk shape, make the work more flat. Our common backplane is PVC board, high density board, KT board, cardboard, aluminum plastic plate, etc. We will choose different painting frame mounting type and backplane type according to the different use and display effect of picture works.

    PVC board: commonly used in the exhibition, it is not easy to deformation; can be directly mounted on the PVC board works, frameless display.

    Aluminum-plastic panels: aluminum-plastic panels are one of the most commonly used mounting materials. More flat than the PVC board, more hardness, more difficult to curl deformation, but the weight is much heavier than the PVC, the cost is higher.

    High-density board: Under normal circumstances, high-density board for the framework of the majority of the backplane, MDF is very smooth, but affected by the environment, the weather is easy to deformation of moisture.

    KT board: the quality is very light and easy to transport, the price cheaper than the first two points. Will be due to changes in the weather environment vulnerable to deformation.

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