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Painting Frames Part Name

Yiwu Menglei Arts & Crafts Factory | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Painting Frames Part name

Mahogany frame features:

 1) the color is darker, and more reflect the ancient style of ancient.

2) wood heavier, gives the feeling of vigorous and delicate.

    3) The general wood itself has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood.

4) hard material, high strength, wear resistance, durability.


 1) because the production is less, it is difficult to have high quality trees, uneven quality.

 2) lines and the ring is not clear, the visual effect is not enough fresh. 3) material heavier, not easy to carry. 4) material is hard, processing is difficult, and prone to cracking phenomenon (high temperature baked) 5) material is more greasy, high temperature easy to return to oil. Mahogany frame daily maintenance 1. mahogany frame should be placed in the air flow strong position, to avoid sunlight.

 2. Do not worry about the indoor temperature is too high, do not put in the vicinity of the winter heating, the general people in the room wearing a sweater feel comfortable is appropriate.

    3. Spring, autumn and winter three seasons to try to keep the indoor air is not dry, it is appropriate to use humidifier spray wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity.

 4. When the summer comes, you should always open the air conditioning wetting, reduce the moisture absorption of wood, to avoid the structure of the tenon deformation and slit deformation.

    5. To keep the mahogany frame clean and tidy, you can use a clean gauze to wipe the dust. Should not use chemical brightener, so as not to damage the film sticky. In order to maintain the brightness of the product paint film, can be crushed walnut, peeled, and then three layers of gauze to oil polishing.

Mounted part name

1, life paper: is the heart of the care of paper, regardless of the heart is the paper or silk have a layer of paper. If the painted heart of the paper off, painted heart is subtractive, and that no life, hence the name "life paper." The same time as

2, the second floor: off the care of the paper, and sometimes a little even fill, that can be called the real artist, called "two", also known as "soul", because it is painting two, soul. Also called "mixed son", is the real meaning of fake. In the acquisition of painting and calligraphy, it is possible to lead to this situation, should pay special attention.

3, the Board: that is, between the four sides of the heart and the edge of a wide gap between the edge. That the "Board". The same time as

4, cover the back: the frame is behind the whole Biaozhi.

5, the border: that is, in the banners up and down or hand-rolled before and after, mounted with a different color of the silk or silk called "barrier" into a "water". The same time as

6, poetry: is straight to the top of the heart, put a piece of paper called "poetry". A reason for the heart is short, after the set after more appropriate; the second is to praise poetry, so called "poetry", it was also known as "jade pool".

7, painted pole: is the scroll with a round wood, painted the top of the smaller called "pole", the lower end of the thick called "ground pole."

8, the axis of the head: that is, at both ends of the rod by the shaft, the majority of the shaft is the use of mahogany, red sandalwood, horns, ivory products, shaft head not only increase the beautiful painting,

9, trip: in the frame behind the ground on both sides of the two silk or silk, such as gourd or cloud head style called "trip". Is to protect the painting rod does not fall and set up.

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